This book is a step by step manual teaching you how to attract women.Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:– The 3 essential focus points to get better with women– An easy to learn tactic so you can tell simply by looking at her, whether she’s interested in you talking to her– Use this simple

This book is a step by step manual teaching you how to attract women.
Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:
– The 3 essential focus points to get better with women
– An easy to learn tactic so you can tell simply by looking at her, whether she’s interested in you talking to her
– Use this simple reframing technique to set yourself up for longer lasting success with women
– Identify the 8 “inner demons” that destroy your chances with women BEFORE you’ve even approached her
– The three phases for texting, phone calls, and emails to have her begging to be with you that night
– Why attracting women is not science but an art form that can be learned, practiced and perfected
– How Nancy Friday’s book My Secret Garden shows you how being yourself is actually the correct way to approach and attract beautiful women
– A mistake you could make at the beginning of dates that kill your chances of having sex with her
– The #1 reason why you can never “fake it till you make it” when interacting with women
– An easy exercise to get your voice tone dead on for generating attraction
– How you can propel yourself forward by converting all your fears and anxiety into confidence and strength
– A smooth rejection-free way to ask a woman out
– How an immigrant from India transformed his life in an entirely new culture, and how you can use his pain to cut years off your learning curve
– Use this tricky technique to make yourself feel like “the man”
– The biggest attraction killer that only women can see when you use certain seduction methods, tactics or techniques that you feel are “not being yourself”
– A time-tested golden rule about seduction
– 13 traits and characteristics that man who consistently has beautiful women in his life has
– Why identifying your life and dating goals are the critical step to cutting years of heartbreak, rejection, frustration, and lost money out of your life
– A scientifically-tested way to get the right “look” that works for you, that will decrease rejection and increase your odds of bringing her home
– How cocky and “alpha male” tactics hurt your game and what you can do to calibrate your attitude in the right way
– Your Essential Body Language Guide – learn to tweak your body language in a few small areas so you start getting those flirty looks from that woman standing across the bar
– Ever thought a girl would start masturbating and be wet and ready for sex for when you get home? (this one is my best kept secret for completely eliminating all her last-minute resistance for having sex with you)
– T.E.A.S.E. – The required basic elements of attraction and seduction and how they work synergistically for you to turn your dating life around forever
– The Six Steps to Seduction – My step-by-step formula for approaching to bringing her home in under 30-minutes
– The only way to overcome your social anxiety and fears – and how other “experts” will try to FOOL you into spending thousands of dollars on books, CDs, DVDs, training and seminars.
– How Thomas Edison can LIGHT UP your approach to dating
– The 10 Myths Of Approaching Women
– Seven simple “tweaks” you can make to your voice… that communicate “all the right” things to a woman you’re interested in
– Ten clues she’s already attracted to you
– How to keep a girl absolutely fascinated about you, whether you want a relationship for one week or ten years, this conversational topic will have her dreaming about her life with you
– “Sexual Escalation” – A proven step-by-step method to go from holding hands to the bedroom and beyond
– Want a dating blueprint that not only gets her hot and heavy for you, but also allows you to form a super-strong connection with even less time and money?
– The correct way to approach a group of women
– 6 simple tips to connect to the women you just met so other guys can’t just walk along and steal them away
– A special handshake that will have her immediately thinking about you as a man she would consider sleeping with is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking "Fred's *Mystery Books* Reviews" to,,,,,, or


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